We believe that Christianity is a way of life based on belief.

If we are to live and reproduce the Christian life as God intends, then we must not only know the essential beliefs of the Christian faith but recapture what Jesus’ first followers understood: following Jesus is about a way of life that is lived in the everyday. Jesus called His first followers to a way of life with Him, like Him, for Him, and by Him. These first followers were not initially known as “Christians” but “followers of the Way” or “those who belonged to the Way”. This “Way” was so powerful and life-giving that it was said that they “turned the world upside down.” Christianity as “the Way” is dynamic and contagious.

Yet, it can be difficult to describe Christianity as “the Way” especially in the everyday places of life. It can feel somewhat like trying to follow a trail while hiking above tree line. Below the tree line, it is easy to follow a path cut into the soft ground between trees that have been marked to identify the trail. Above tree line, it difficult to find let alone follow the trail. For this reason, generations of hikers that have gone before have built cairns by stacking stones on top of one another to mark the trail for hikers that will follow.

The Five Stones function like a cairn, guiding followers of Jesus in His way of life. The five “stones” address five foundational questions every person must answer if he or she is to follow Jesus. These questions are:

  • What are we to do as we follow Jesus?
  • How are we to follow Jesus?
  • When are we to follow Jesus?
  • With Whom are we to follow Jesus?
  • Where are we to follow Jesus?

In answer, each stone provides simple principles and tangible practices that together form an authentic way of life in Christ that can be lived and multiplied with others in the home, church, and community.

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