How should furniture products be innovative? How to make a breakthrough in the future? These are topics of the general concern in the furniture industry. For furniture companies, it is necessary to understand trends, not to be blinded by market hotspots, and to focus on R&D that follows the development directions of the industry to achieve sustainable development.


In recent years, ergonomic furniture has been on the rise. Intelligent products such as standing desks, adjustable electric beds, and smart sofas have been favoured by consumers in Europe and America and have become new opportunities for furniture companies. All of these products are supported by the technology of linear motion.

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Speaking of linear motion, JIECANG Linear Motion, the first listed company in the domestic industry, stands out in the field. We are committed to exploring how linear motion can help furniture products become intelligent and user-friendly, and how to help our partners create intelligent lifestyles for their customers.


JIECANG has been deeply involved in the linear motion industry for more than 20 years. We are mainly engaged in R&D, production and sales of linear motion products, and we serve smart home, smart office, and medical-care industries with actuator systems. In 2018, JIECANG was listed on the main board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange. As one of the industry-standard drafters of China DC Electric Actuators and Height Adjustable Tables, JIECANG has gained the National High-tech Enterprise Certification consecutively for many years.

In the combination of technology and traditional furniture, JIECANG has a deep technical precipitation, and has jointly created a series of ergonomic furniture with the world's leading office furniture and brands of custom-made whole-house. At present, Jiechang is also actively participating in various activities of industry associations, hoping to go deep into the furniture industry and promote the development of the industry through linear actuator technology.

Empower the office furniture industry to build smart and healthy office


The height-adjustable and electric desk is designed with ergonomics and conforms to our concept of "sit-stand" office style which is to keep employees away from sedentary hazards and improves their work efficiency. 
Currently, the relatively mature height-adjustable electric desks for the office can include single, double, or triple spaces, which can fully and flexibly meet the needs of various styles, uses and areas. Besides, the actuator can also be applied to many other products such as conference tables, multimedia devices, and lecture tables.

A height-adjustable electric desk is composed of lifting columns, a control box, a handset, a frame, side panels, wire slots, feet, and casters. The lifting column can be selected with various shapes, such as the formal or up-side down, square or round, three or two stages, and of different crafts and colours. Through a creative combination of various parts, we bring unlimited possibilities.Designers can deconstruct the desk like Lego bricks, and then rebuild a new desk product based on their design concepts. The colour and shape of both the column and feet are optional.

JIECANG provides a variety of actuator solutions for office furniture companies around the world. The actuator system we designed allows the desk to be electrically adjusted in height. JIECANG creates high-quality desk lifting systems to help improve the office environment of more than 100 Fortune 500 companies, such as Amazon, Huawei, Apple, GE, Intel, and General Motors.

When height-adjustable desks are combined with IoT technologies, such as workstation reservations, office space cloud management systems, etc., cloud data services can largely improve the efficiency of desk usage, and make the usage of each desk be recorded, which helps companies to reduce the cost of workspace.

Standing desks have unlimited possibilities from office to home


Height-adjustable electric desks can also have multiple applications in home, learning and entertainment environments.


JIECANG continues to innovate based on customer needs. By integrating various technologies and raw materials, we have produced a package of solutions for UFOU’s smart desk, including solutions for actuating, deceleration, control, and the Internet of Things.

Odette 小圆管升降桌系统

How to bring ergonomics into sub-category products such as study desks and e-sport tables to create intelligent, user-friendly and comfortable experiences, to meet higher-level consumer needs?

There is already a relatively mature market for hand-cranked study desks, but replacing traditional hand-cranked ones with electric ones and endowing them with a functional value of "smart +" will become a future trend.

UFOU 智能升降学习桌

What is the ideal height difference between the table and the chair seat? It varies according to the user’s height and user habits. Especially for e-sport players who need to be sedentary and highly concentrated, a suitable and flexible height adjustment function will greatly enhance the gaming experience. JIECANG actuator system will provide accurate and stable height adjustment function. With simple operation, people of different ages and heights can find the most comfortable gaming posture.

Linear actuator is implemented in the home to enrich smart-home experience


At present, smart home products are more about home appliances, security equipment, lighting products, etc., but ergonomic and adjustable furniture will be a new trend, which will also make the entire smart home experience more diversified. For example, the rapid development of adjustable beds and smart sofas in recent years confirms this view.


Consumption upgrading means the pursuit of quality life, and more people are willing to spend money on high-quality furniture. As the main component of the bedroom, the bed is a place where people spend a lot of time reading, entertaining and relaxing. Dreamotion, a brand under JIECANG Group has created an ergonomic and adjustable bed base according to the body structure including the calf, thigh, buttocks, back and other parts and fit the natural curve of the human body. The area where human back or legs lie can be independently and precisely controlled by buttons or apps to help the body feel less stressed and users quickly fall into a deep sleep.

Dreamotion’s adjustable bed base has zero clearance and wall hugger. The zero clearance allows that even if the back of the bed is raised, the nightstand is within reach. The wall hugger allows the bed to be placed flat on the ground without feet. The adjustable bed base can also provide a gentle massage to relax the muscles, along with various modes, for example, Zero-G which can be adjusted to the angle you want with just finger-tapping. There are many additional accessories to choose such as under-bed night lights. Dreamotion’s adjustable bed base is supported with JIECANG’s actuator system which is of high quality and durable as usual and can meet daily needs.

In the bedroom, in addition to the bed, adjustable furniture based on actuator technology includes height-adjustable tatami mats and height-adjustable TV racks.

Let the kitchen space have more functions


Today, family members share housework, and the kitchen no longer belongs to the housewife or househusband only but is used by all family members. Imagine that when you are cooking, your kid is also involved. Instead of standing on the small bench, the kid can press a button to lower the whole kitchen island so that he or she can easily reach it. JIECANG kitchen actuator system can make possible the up-down movement of the kitchen island, allowing the kitchen island to conform to the habits of every family member.



As the demand for making full use of home space grows, apart from increased storage space, there is a further possibility to improve the utilization rate of each storage space. The JIECANG kitchen actuator solution allows a limited space to achieve multiple functions. High-rise wall cabinets, low-level floor cabinets and other hard-to-access spaces can be controlled by buttons or voice, so that the items come to your hand.

Actuator solutions for smart home-care


The population ageing has made home care for the elderly more urgent, which means that more home-care beds will be needed, and this is where the JIECANG medical actuator system can play a part. The system has high-quality performance and reaches high IP grade, not afraid of humid environments.

For many disabled and semi-disabled elderly people, the bed is where they finish daily activities. The JIECANG nursing bed system has such functions as bed lifting and multi-angle tilting, which can help the elderly perform some basic actions, making it easier for caregivers to do cleaning and feeding tasks so to relieve some pressure from the nursing staff. For the elderly living alone, the JIECANG home-care bed system retains basic and necessary functions. For example, with just one click, the bed can help users lift back or legs, decreasing the difficulty for the elderly to get up.


With upgraded hardware and software, an intelligent detection sensor will record and upload the data of the elderly’s living conditions, and finish remote monitoring work through Bluetooth mesh including dampness alarm, vital sign detection, bed posture feedback, out-of-bed detection, out-of-bed lighting, etc., assisting family members and communities to know the health status of care recipients in real time.

The JIECANG medical actuator system can also be applied to the toilet, one-click lifting can solve the problem for the elderly, pregnant women, and people with weak waist and legs when they face difficulties in standing up. When they go to the toilet but there is no company or the escort is weak, the toilet lifting assistance can help them to squat and stand up more easily and smoothly.

Technology drives intelligent life


At present, smart office, smart home and medical care industries are all in the embryonic and developing stage, and will enter the fast-expanding stage in the near future. JIECANG hopes to become an enabler of intelligent products in the furniture industry and has carried out a series of forward-looking plans.

In 2020, the completion of the "Life and Health Industrial Park" and the launch of the "Smart Home IoT Industrial Park" means that JIECANG will have more advanced intelligent manufacturing capabilities, a stronger foundation for R&D and innovation, and a more comprehensive industry-linking capability. The core competitiveness will be promoted.The two industrial parks are based on the core value of the brand- "technology drives intelligent life". They also create the foundation and resources for the company to develop products in the application fields of smart office, medical care and smart home. 

捷昌驱动具备拓宽产业发展边界的能力,拥有嫁接、赋能传统产业与新兴产业的能力。 “生命健康产业园”和“智能家居物联网产业园”的建设将放大这两项能力
JIECANG has the abilities to broaden industrial boundaries and to connect and empower traditional and emerging industries. The "Life and Health Industrial Park" and "Smart Home IoT Industrial Park" will amplify these two capabilities.     

Over the years, Jiechang Drive has taken root in Xinchang and entered the larger region of the Yangtze River Delta. We are based in China but we serve the world. In the future, we will bring China's smart manufacturing to the world stage.