A Five Stones Training Center For Families

The Huggard family is purchasing the Gilman Home in Alton, NH to be used as a training center for families.  Our vision is to

help families develop healthy relational, financial, and spiritual patterns for life by providing a season of affordable housing and mentored training.  

We sense God leading us to open this training center because families need more than books, seminars, and sermons if they are to overcome destructive life patterns and take on Jesus' way of life.  Families need life on life relationship and real time mentoring.  

The Gilman Home is a 3800 square foot home set on 3 acres in downtown Alton, NH.  It has a 4 bedroom main house in which the Huggard family will reside and run trainings.  The Gilman Home also has a 6 bedroom addition that will be converted into 2 apartments which can house 2 families.  The apartments will each have their own entry, kitchen, living area, and 2 bedrooms (can be converted to 3 and 1 bedroom apartments depending on the need). 

Families will regularly gather for family meals and training in the Huggard's home.  At the core of this training will be the 5 Stones way of life.  

We have signed a contract to buy the Gilman Home and are selling our house to partially fund this vision.  A number of people in our church are helping us make the purchase and renovation of the Gilman Home a reality, but we also look for other partners for the Gilman Home's ongoing ministry.

For more info, check out our vision statement or to make a contribution, visit our Go Fund Me site.